Cardinals GM Steve Keim sucks at his job

Welcome to salary cap 101, today we discuss what dead cap money is. Let’s go to our friends at USA Today for the official definition. 

“That is the guaranteed money left on a player’s contract at the time he is let go. That money will count against a team’s cap that next year. If a player is cut after June 1, the dead money is split over the next two seasons.”

Class dismissed.

Apparently Steve Keim did not take the same class you all just did. After the Cardinals cut Darius Philon they have the 2nd most dead money in the NFL. A remarkable total of over $34 Million per over the cap. There is only one way to read this and that’s Steve Keim is really bad at his job. The dude throws money around like he frequents certain adult establishments (the kids call this making it rain). Keim has blown it with bad contracts 14 times. 12 news reporter Cam Cox put together this handy list of Keim mistakes

Ask yourself this question…. Would I still have a job if I screwed up 14 times and have produced ZERO results? For most people the answer is probably no but for the Cardinals GM it’s totally cool to mismanage money at an abysmal level. 

We talked about Keim’s awful cap management on Monday’s show. 

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