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The best Arizona Cardinals draft prospects but only using internet gif’s

By now you all have done your research on each and every Cardinals draft prospect and every possible pick has been over analyzed and under analyzed but has anyone done it in gif form? I attempted to do so on my twitter account earlier today and attached a gif to nine different players that in one way or another have been attached to the Cardinals. Let’s dive right in shall we

The Clemson star’s gif is pretty self explanatory & Steve Keim being able to select him however unlikely, would be like me watching Mark McGwire’s 1999 Home Run derby performance at eight years old and thinking it was the greatest thing I had ever seen

The Iowa lineman has mostly been linked to the Giants but more recent rumors have called that into question. Dude just looks like a hall of fame tackle and would be a beautiful stud in the eyes of Kyler Murray every snap 

Steve Keim should be dancing just like this random gif with Nick Saban’s face if he he decides to draft the Alabama star

Dude is a freak athlete but the latest report has him failing a drug test at the combine. There are much better options than a guy who played his college football at a basketball school

I was CeeDee or bust for awhile but after the acquisition of the Pro Bowl version of CeeDee it would indeed be a massive surprise if the Cards doubled down on weapons for Kyler although I definitely would not hate it 

Dude is fast but how did that work out for Andy Isabella, hard PASS 

I chose this blossom gif because I used to be a Powerpuff girls fan and drafting an SEC offensive lineman is never a bad idea in the NFL draft 

The Cardinals are set on the EDGE with Chandler Jones so how about stacking up the middle of the line too. He probably won’t be Aaron Donald but as Donald showed interior lineman can still be defensive game changers and that is seemingly what Brown will do 

I’d be intrigued if the Cards went Jeudy over Lamb and my attention would be had 

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