Don’t give Steve Keim a free pass. Make him and his roster prove it first

Steve Keim has to be feeling good right now because by most accounts he had a really solid draft on paper. Kicking it off with Isaiah Simmons falling into the Cardinals laps at eighth overall then Josh Jones falling into the third round after being considered by several draft insiders to be a first round talent and Keim capped it off with hometown favorite Zeno Benjamin. What does a good draft on paper mean for Cardinals fans expectations? What does it mean for the expectations of Steve Keim in order to keep his job? 

Steve Keim has been hanging onto his job by a thread after four straight seasons of never eclipsing eight wins including just eight wins in his last two years yet somehow in the span of just an offseason all the Keim haters have backed off without a game being played with a retooled roster. What will Cardinals fans be saying after a seven win season in 2020? Winning an offseason is super fun (looking at you Coyotes) but for Steve Keim a great offseason needs to translate to wins plain and simple. With the addition of another Wild Card the Cards path playoffs will be easier and if they fail it should fall directly on the feet of Steve Keim. Keim hand picked the coaching staff and a failure of Vance Joseph to coach up a defense with a lot more depth should also fall on Steve Keim’s shoulders. Coaches can only be scapegoated for so long before you have to turn your eyes to the front office. 

The Cards are in a tough division but that shouldn’t be an excuse for Steve Keim either. Acquiring DeAndre Hopkins, dumping David Johnson, drafting a defensive stud and a possible starting tackle is Steve Keim’s last stand as a GM and it needs to pay off with a winning football team this season or he should be looking for work elsewhere. Cardinals fans it’s up to you to raise your expectations and not be okay with more losing football so don’t give Keim a pass yet. Make him and his roster prove it first