Arizona Cardinals schedule proves Cardinals are irrelevant nationally

We have known for awhile who the Cardinals opponents would be but we did not know how many times the team who had the sexiest off-season would get the national spotlight and with the 2020 schedule release on Thursday they are scheduled to get the prime-time slot twice this season. The usual Thursday Night Football game against Seattle in Week 11 and a Monday night game on the road against Dallas.

Feel the disrespect Cardinals fans? Only two national games this season when the hype is reaching ridiculous levels among fans and some media members. The Cards getting only two prime-time games is not a knock on the team this season and the excitement that DeAndre Hopkins is bringing to the table or the expected development of Kyler Murray and the emergence of a possible star in Isasiah Simmons. All it should do for Cardinals fans is remind them how irrelevant they are on a national stage. We have a lot national members of the NFL media on and often we ask them to take us outside of our Arizona bubble because outside of the valley the Cardinals as a franchise are a losing proposition. Even with a Heisman winner and a number one overall pick how often were the Cardinals a topic on any national show? The talk was more about Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones than anything Kyler ever did on his way to winning offensive rookie of the year.

Do not blame the media though for this and focus it on the Bidwill's instead. A franchise with only six winning seasons in 30-plus years in the deserts probably does not deserve much national attention.