Why COVID-19 could mean Isaiah Simmons re-enters the NFL Draft in 2021

Isaiah Simmons has yet to officially sign his rookie deal with the Arizona Cardinals after being selected eighth overall in this years NFL draft. Simmons is not alone either, only eight of the 32 first round picks have signed contracts. Even first overall pick Joe Burrow and second overalls pick Chase Young have yet to sign. Is there a possibility that because of COVID-19 we get a bunch of rookies who decide to not sign their contracts and re-enter the 2021 draft?

AZ Central's Bob McManaman raised the possibility of Simmons never playing a down when he joined The Freaks on Tuesday,

“As far as I know the Cardinals have not signed any of their rookies including Isaiah Simmons. There has been speculation that if he does not sign he can re-enter the 2021 draft. Will it happen? Who knows but if there is no football, What’s to prevent him from joining the next class?”

It may seem a bit crazy but in our pandemic world of 2020 can we rule it out? training camp is about two weeks away and to have that many unsigned top players is unusual. Put yourself in a players shoes for a minute, would you sign a contract with so much uncertainty? Bengals draftee Joe Burrow has even been on record talking about how he is playing the waiting game on a contract,

"We're just waiting to see what happens over the next three months because we really don't know,"

Remember as we always say on our show Kliff Kingsbury is the Cardinals head coach and Donald Trump is the president... anything can happen.