Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury needs to get angry

The Arizona Cardinals are a mess right now, two losses in two weeks against teams they should have beat if we are to believe that Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray are taking a leap forward in their progression. The so-called offensive genius behind the Cardinals offense was only able to dial up 262 yards of offense against Carolina and under 400 yards against one of the league’s worst defenses in the Lions. 

What should happen next? Kliff Kingsbury needs to get angry. Last week on our show Kenny Sargent explained a conversation he had with someone who knows a former Texas Tech player,

If that was a concern in college imagine how much it’s amplified in the NFL and in a season that has taken a dark turn very quickly it’s apparent that the Cardinals need some leadership. If you listen to Kliff Kingsbury after a bad loss against Carolina you would think his girlfriend broke up with him with how sad he sounds. 

Of course some coaches are not the fiery type and it’s clear Kliff isn’t that but having the head coach of your football team sound all wallowing and sad after a loss isn’t going to cut it either. It’s time for Kliff to stop treating his team like they are his buddies, it’s time for Kyler to stop acting up during games where he doesn’t want to look Coach Kingsbury in the eye. It’s time for Kingsbury to get pissed off and show this fanbase he cares about improving this football team.