The Arizona Cardinals just beat the NFL's worst team, pump the brakes.

The Cardinals are now 3-2 after beating the NFL’s worst team and if you listen to the snorkel media of the Arizona Cardinals they are headed to Disneyworld and Kyler is back into MVP contention. Pump the brakes. The Cardinals beating a total laughing stock of an organization by twenty points is like an adult acing a 3rd grade math test. They deserve a star on their accomplishment chart but let’s get real and understand this team still has a lot to prove as their schedule is getting immensely tougher. 

Can we really expect this Cardinals team to contend for a playoff spot in the same division as the Seahawks and Rams? The Cardinals defense without Chandler Jones will not scare anyone the rest of the way on their schedule and we have to ask how many winnable games are actually out there remaining?

We asked this question on our Twitter after the 30-10 win on Sunday.

The Cardinals are already favored in the Monday night matchup against Dallas but after that games against Philadelphia and the Giants are the other two games against bad football teams remaining. According to Five Thirty Eight’s projection the Cardinals have a 37-percent chance of making the playoffs with an 8-8 record. This team has been fun at times this season and equally as frustrating too. Kliff Kingsbury has a big task ahead of him to prove he is the guy that can get this team to improve and get back to the playoffs. Pump the brakes though after beating Joe Flacco and Adam Gase, maybe we can talk about a team to get excited about again if they beat Russell Wilson, Jared Goff and Josh Allen.