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Colin Cowherd: Jets Should Cut Ties With Aaron Rodgers After Trade Demands

Colin Cowherd: “This borders on outrageous. According to Dianna Russini, ‘Aaron Rodgers has provided the Jets with a wish-list of free agents he has asked them to target and acquire.’ Randall Cobb?? He’s shot. Allen Lazard? He’s a number four receiver. Marcedes Lewis I love but he’s a blocking tight end, Odell Beckham Jr., he wants $20 million a year. You have to now dismantle some of your defense to get these pieces in. What does it mean for Elijah Moore and the rookie out of Ohio State? [Garrett Wilson] Aaron Rodgers spent a career complaining about what Green Bay didn’t get him, and now he’s asking the Jets to go get the guys that Green Bay got him. This is laughable. Odell Beckham is talented, but he wants $20 million— I’m not paying that. I love Marcedes Lewis as a blocking tight end, and Randall Cobb is a nice guy but he’s never healthy and it’s over. Allen Lazard is a number three or number four. In the NFC North maybe Allen Lazard is something, but in the AFC he’s irrelevant. If I’m the Jets, take a walk. No way I’m allowing this. Can you imagine being pushed around like this? Talk about an uneven relationship. It’s not like he’s saying ‘sign DeAndre Hopkins’, or 'make a trade for Stefon Diggs'. Not one of these guys is in their prime. I guess Allen Lazard is but it ain’t much of a prime. The Packers are laughing their arse off at the Jets. The Packers saw this story and they are howling with laughter. ‘BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE TAKE COBB AND LAZARD OFF OUR HANDS! PLEASE!’ They didn’t want Randall Cobb anyway! Does Aaron have any self-awareness?? Does he really think at all? This is such a bad look for Aaron Rodgers.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd blast Aaron Rodgers after reports surfaced of Rodgers allegedly giving the Jets a wish-list of washed up players he wants upon arrival in New York, with Colin calling the demands laughably outrageous.

Check out the segment above as Colin calls the reports a ‘bad look for Aaron Rodgers’, and says the Jets should tell Rodgers to take a walk.

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