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Colin Cowherd Says Nikola Jokic is Clearly More Valuable Than Joel Embiid

Colin Cowherd: “Anthony Davis is arguably the best defensive big in the world and Nikola Jokic worked him. Embiid in Game 7 had two points in the second half against the Celtics. Jokic could not have a two-point half, he’s just too layered and too skilled. It would be impossible unless he was in foul trouble. In two of the Sixers wins it was Harden who carried the day. The vote for Embiid was as much an anti-Jokic vote as it was a pro-Embiid vote. Jokic is far more ‘valuable’ to the offense. Embiid can be plodding, go look at the Sixers’ net rating when Embiid is off the floor. He takes the movement and the air out of the basketball at times. Yes, Embiid is fun and flashy but he’s also fragile and doesn’t play as often. Jokic plays more, is better analytically, is more skilled offensively, is more layered, is easier to play with, and elevates people. Embiid doesn’t necessarily elevate people. Jokic has the number one seed, not Embiid, he’s better analytically, he makes everyone around him better— you watched him last night, AD was helpless. Jokic has become the PB & J of the NBA. Fantastic every night, always a little under-served, and under-discussed. PB & J works in any era, any generation, and any time. That game works FOREVER. It reminds me of a combination of Bill Walton, who we would great today, and Arvytas Sabonis, who would be great today. He’s a fantastic player but he’s not fun, not flashy, but he’s also not fragile and that is something that needs to be discussed. This was an anti-Jokic vote. If you start talking about a third-straight MVP, ‘IT’S GOTTA BE ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME!’ Isn’t he? Isn’t that what we’re watching? You tell me the centers who can do all this? Maybe he should have won three straight.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why these 2023 NBA Playoffs are making it painfully obvious that Nikola Jokic should have won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award this season over Joel Embiid.

Check out the segment above as why Colin thinks the voting was as much an ‘anti-Jokic’ vote, as it was ‘pro-Embiid’.

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