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Colin Cowherd Says Overrated 49ers Defense is Living Off Their Reputation

Colin Cowherd: “There’s this automatic belief that ‘more expensive’ is better. I don’t believe it. And that ‘name brands’ are superior and much better than store brands. I don’t know, I’ve bought a lot of Kirkland stuff and it works for me. The Kansas City ‘brand’ is offense, but Kansas City’s defense in the playoffs has allowed 13.7 points. That’s against Mike McDaniel, Tua, Tyreek Hill, Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Lamar Jackson and the number one rush offense. Shut them down, three for three.
The Niners defense, the name brand off a bye at home allowed 21 points to first-year quarterback Jordan Love, and over 330 yards. Josh Allen, Tua, and Lamar Jackson were shut down, and Jordan Love EATS. The Niners defense was off a bye and had two weeks to prepare. I don’t think people understand how good Kansas City’s defense is. It’s just young.
The quarterbacks in the AFC are much better than the quarterbacks in the NFC, and here are some of the quarterbacks the Chiefs faced this year in the regular season... Russell Wilson twice, Justin Herbert, Kirk Cousins, Jalen Hurts, Trevor Lawrence, Jared Goff, Josh Allen, and Tua. And they finished with the fourth-best pass defense in the regular season in the NFL. The Niners, in the weaker quarterback conference in the NFC – here are some of the quarterbacks they faced... Drew Lock, Geno Smith, PJ Walker, Josh Dobbs, Sam Howell, Carson Wentz, Daniel Jones, and Kenny Pickett, and their pass defense was 14th. ‘Name brand’ defense – Niners. The ‘store brand’ is Kansas City. It’s a young defense and you don’t know their names. All season against all these great quarterbacks they never allowed 30 points. The Niners did three times. Kirk Cousins lit the Niners defense up. Stafford and Joe Burrow had BIG Sundays.
San Francisco’s defense is just a ‘name brand.’ There’s Bosa, there’s Fred Warner, Armstead, Chase Young, you know the players, but the better defense easily, especially on the back-end, the pass defense, is Kansas City. They also had more sacks [than SF], and significantly more hurries up front. The Chiefs defense shut down three highly productive offenses, two on the road in the playoffs. During the regular season they only allowed 17.5 points a game, that was second-best in the league. Again, I’ve bought a lot of Kirkland stuff, it’s good too.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why one of the biggest Super Bowl LVIII storylines flying under the radar is the preeminence of the Kansas City Chiefs defense, who has statistically been a much better unit than San Francisco’s ballyhooed group, but doesn’t garner the same admiring headlines.

Check out the segment above as Colin labels the Niners defense as a ‘name brand’ simply living off their reputation at this point, saying the Chiefs defense is foolishly being appraised as the ‘generic brand’, even though Kansas City's defense has dominated all season and throughout the playoffs, while the San Francisco defense has underwhelmed practically all year and is still being undeservedly lauded. 

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